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Satir Omar B.

Uwezo Youth Empowerment (UWEZO)

To serve as platform for children and youth with disabilities to share their experiences and to support them build their capacities and aspirations.

What did Satir need?

We are community based local NGO focusing on children and youth with disability empowerment. in this period of COVID 19 pandemic, our mentorship programmes for children with disabilities and community awareness programs has been suspended. Partners and frontline workers are un aware of what, how and when to protect persons with disabilities from contracting the virus. Our mentors across the country are also less informed about what they can do.Webinars will therefore help us to run meetings.

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May 8, 2020


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Lisa G.


I am an energetic and highly motivated training and development professional. I am self-directed and organized. I thrive in a team atmosphere. I am always looking for a challenge, growth, and new learning opportunities.

What did Lisa have to offer?

I am very partial to causes that enrich the lives of our youth. I am a firm believer that the youth are our future. They are a dynamic group of our population with a lot to offer! I have been utilizing Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts and WebEx for communication for the last year. As the covid-19 pandemic has unfolded, I have utilized Zoom, Hangouts and WebEx much more frequently. These platforms are utilized for training, communication and connection.

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