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Molly B.

Bicycles Against Poverty

Our mission is to increase income for smallholder farmers in East Africa through productive asset-financing and trainings.

What did Molly need?

This children's book is based on our founder's story and will promote the importance of 'access' for rural families living in northern Uganda. This book will help promote our work and therefore move forward our mission to improve livelihoods for rural families in Uganda.

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May 11, 2020


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Katherine (Figueroa) G.


I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Art History and Plan II, an interdisciplinary liberal arts and science honors program. I am interested in pursuing a career user and content research. I have a lot of experience with writing, researching, and curating, and I am cu...
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What did Katherine (Figueroa) have to offer?

I think providing financial assistance to those in need is a really noble cause. I've seen firsthand in my travels the impact financial aid can have. I'd love to help! As an undergraduate, I worked as an editor for a student-led music magazine. Moreover, I mentored lowerclassmen, editing their papers for errors regularly. I also volunteer to edit friends' theses. I feel very confident in my editing skills.

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