See how Candice's skills helped Women In Technology Uganda on a Brochure Graphic Design project.

Barbara B.

Women In Technology Uganda

To support young women in local capacity building and skills development for technology and entrepreneurship in Uganda, offering a collaborative environment for training, mentorship, and knowledge sharing in order to drive social and economic development in the region.

What did Barbara need?

I am meeting a couple of funders in the first week of March and would like to give them some material

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Feb 27, 2020


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Candice F.


I have 4+ years experience with a corporate design team. More than fifteen years of freelance design. My visual communication expertise is a perfect fit for business looking for a visual designer who is well rounded and and can cover many roles. Summary of skills * Exceptional visual commu...
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What did Candice have to offer?

I would be proud to help period. I'm also a woman of color so I can relate to this particular assignment. Please refer to my LinkedIn profile for information more information. I'm available to volunteer for the next 8 weeks. Be Peace! Candice

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